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Schindler PORT Series 1
« on: July 05, 2019, 09:36:03 am »
Although I am a fan of Schindler, I don't really like the Schindler PORT Series 1. Series 4 is better. It's because:

1. Series 1 is hard to press, when I wanna press 4 and 8, after I press 4, then it "automatically" help me to press the return button. BUT I DIDN'T press it!
2. The pedestal version of Series 1 is always kind of loose. When I wanna call a lift, as usual, it is hard to press, and I have to press it hardly. And it shakes.

Reasons why Series 4 is better:
1. It is made with glass, which is easier to press the button.
2. I don't have to press the button hardly
3. PORT Series 4 does not have pedestal version, then the panel won't shakes.

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