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Computational support
« on: September 10, 2022, 04:56:52 pm »
Hi! I think this will be a good idea to add for skyscrapersim

What will it do
It will make BLD files more powerful by allowing advanced actions to be performed in simulator. I propose that there should be an ability to have variables be changed as the game (or simulator) is running. For example, you click a button and it will multiply the current number by 2:
Before    After
and so forth

How should it be implemented
The AddAction command will not be restrictive. It will allow for an already defined function to run as a button is clicked.
<Function Multiply>
Set result = %param1%*%param2%
print %result%
AddAction MyAction, Floor 2, RunFunction, Multiply(%first%,%second%)

A realistic example for skyscrapersim would be a working fire alarm panel. :) Instead of completely separate buttons, there would be a way to navigate through the menus. You could also make a working arcade game if you wanted to. ;D

I would say this would be a fantastic edition to the simulator.
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