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« on: July 01, 2020, 05:01:57 am »
Alright guys, it's been a few months since i left lift filming. I know you guys loved me seeing lift videos from Romania.

So, why did i left lift/elevator filming?

Well, basically i just got bored, my parents doesn't like this hobby, sometimes can be dangerous while filming in secure/office
buildings. But, i didn't stop filming lifts, currently i have 3 lifts filmed. And, the videos where not showing Kone,
Otis, ThyssenKrupp, Schindler or a generic. So, these videos where basically showing IFMAs (1 original except the interior
buttons was replaced, 2 of them that i filmed yesterday near me, just refurbished). If you don't know what IFMA is, IFMA
(Intreprinderea de Fabricație și Montaj Ascensoare) is a romanian lift company with many old lifts in the most old buildings around Romania.
In the modern day, IFMA is still installing and modernizing lifts, but the mods are actually pretty good. Why? Because the interiors, no
basic cab model like the UK. And some of these modernized lifts, when you arrive at a floor, it plays the MP chime. Well, probably is part
of the MP Group. I mean the old mods are better because, the new mods has basic metal cab.

But, the mods can get better here

RomService, another romanian lift company which basically refurbish the old IFMA lifts, which is showing in the 2 videos that i filmed
yesterday. RomService doesn't change the lift logic at all, just refurbish the interior of the old IFMAs. The interiors look pretty nice. And i
will said that Romania is the best country in Europe at mods! While UK is the worst.


I am sorry ZZ9 for forcing you to comment to my videos (if you want to comment just comment if you want), i hope i didn't make you angry,
i just used to love you alot! And sorry for deleting my videos so quickly, I am sorry that i left lift filming. I DO APOLOGIZE  :-\

                               I know everybody wants me back, but, not, really

And of course, i deleted my YouTube channel (but i will recreate) because of lift filming, and i wanted to plan to make my last Live Stream,
the Live Stream used to be planned for playing Garry's Mod. Unfortunately i ignore it and i started to delete my channel.

I am so sorry for this  :-[

I hope you guys are happy see me again  :D

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« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2020, 04:44:07 pm »
Welcome back, and there's no need to apologise for anything, I enjoyed your lift videos and was happy to watch and leave comments!