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I知 getting busy
« on: September 07, 2022, 04:15:24 pm »
Right now, I知 getting even more busy. The main reason is that I知 taking classes right now. This means I will have to put my efforts into doing schoolwork, as well as studying for exams and quizzes.

What does this mean
Basically, it means I may not be able to update my building creator. This will not affect the availability of the creator because I知 still planning on keeping it up and you are free to use it in any way possible, including remixing it. (If you are remixing I would suggest you should focus on making improvements and testing it. Also scratch requires you give credit to me, @NothingCanStopMe357. So far, I believe my building creator is working and people have gone through workarounds. I haven稚 seen any issues when it comes to the stairs and it appears to me that whenever there is I somehow don稚 see it. I may try to prevent this in the future however.

Will I be completely offline for a while
Possibly not. I don稚 think I will completely abandon the site and I may continue to look at messages.
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