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Here's some of the music I've made, if anyone would like to hear it.  I mainly made the music on my Korg Karma synthesizer, which is the same instrument that I used to make the Skyscraper intro theme music (the Isle of Indigo preset on the synth).  The main song also features me playing the large pipe organ at my church in order to boost the harmonic power (it was added as an experimental sound).

This is Forever Long 2021, an updated recording of a song that I wrote based on a chorus from around 1995 (about age 12).  This is the synthesizer with the pipe organ coming in later on.  This is in 2 movements, Overture, and Forever Long, the choruses are the Main Chorus and Grand Chorus.  The production was done in the software Ardour on Debian Linux.  It doesn't have a drum rhythm because I haven't developed it yet.

This is the pipe organ tracks by themselves, if you want to hear what it sounds like (the instrument is an 80-rank Austin pipe organ):

This is the 2021/2022 additions I made for Forever Long, the synth version, the full length of the work is around 15 minutes.  This has a new intro, followed by the beginning and end of the original, a transitional bridge, and then a third movement called Deliverance which features a third chorus.

Here's a remix of the original one on synth:

This is Forever Long being played by me at the grade school I used to attend, the instrument is a 43-rank Wicks/Berghaus pipe organ, this is a good example of the dynamics of that kind of instrument:

For a different song, here's Splendor (written around 1996) being played on the same pipe organ mentioned in the first video:

If you were interested in hearing the original 2003 Forever Long version (on the same synth), here it is:

Super talented, I love everything! Good job, mate! ;)

Lisa yani:
I am still thinking the Music name from EG881 IP called IdleSound1.wav...


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