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The making of an Elevator/Lift Enthusiast Community Iceberg


Hello there!
Years ago, there used to be a online internet trend where people would make iceberg charts about famous films, video games or various other interests in the internet community. Basically, people would take an image of an iceberg and then place specific details about a topic into a segment and arrange it from top to bottom depending on how complex the situation is. The tip of the iceberg represents general knowledge of a subject to most people, where as the bottom of the iceberg would represent deeper knowledge that only devoted enthusiasts would know about everything about a particular subject, and then become the foundation of why this topic even exists. This way, the whole thing would be viewed to represent the entire knowledge of the elevator community in one picture.

Here is an example of an image about an iceberg that people would download onto their computers and then edit it later:

To explain things further, I came across a video called "Elevator Community Iceberg" by a YouTube user by the name of PaulDoesElevators. This is the only example of a creation of an iceberg based on his knowledge of the elevator community. His ideas are definitely intriguing and even funny to some extent.

I think we should make another elevator community iceberg, but this time, it would be much more in depth. We would need jot down tons of ideas and expand our knowledge on lifts/elevators. For example, "10 year old lift gets a slap on mod by a unreliable generic company" would sound like a cool, terrific idea. An even crazier idea would be "Otis Gen2 gets modded by Evans Lift Alliance" ;D . Although I actually live in the US, not the UK, I just know this based on the fact I'm subscribed to YouTubers like BENO and mrmattandmrchay.

I wonder what other ideas would we be able to contribute...  ::)


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