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Tutorial: How to download KONE KDS font.

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VP SG John:
This tutorial have 2 versions:

"Professional" Version:
1 ) Go to KONE's website.
2 ) Then select 'Lifts'.
3 ) Select any type of lifts
4 ) After selecrting, scroll down for 'KONE Elevator Toolbox'.
5 ) When you see a lot of flags, press F12
6 ) Then select 'Fonts'.
7 ) Then press Control-R.
8 ) Select 'ss.woff', then RIGHT CLICK it.
9 ) Select 'Open in new tab'.
10 ) Convert it:
11 ) Download it.
12 ) Have fun.

Easy Version:
1) Open a browser (Any type)
2) Search 'Stone Sans.ttf'
3) Download it.
4) Have fun.

This is the one for the buttons, yes?

Thanks for the trick. Will try this later when I reached home.

VP SG John:

--- Quote from: ZZ9 on March 20, 2019, 04:03:00 pm ---This is the one for the buttons, yes?

--- End quote ---
Yes, but not only buttons, it can also used in KONE Polaris (Non-touch monitor one) and floor indicator (Mostly for KSS970).

When I used to make animated elevators I used Frutiger for the KDS buttons because I didn't know what kind of font that KONE used for their KDS and KSS buttons.

Btw I did the same thing on thyssenkrupp's website this morning and I found out that the font they're using now is "TKType" (available in Regular and Medium version). If anyone wants to get those fonts just grab the TKType ones and not the "thyssenkrupp(something).woff" because it won't work if you install it.


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