Author Topic: Why Nigeria people cannot serve water with their left hand  (Read 115 times)

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Why Nigeria people cannot serve water with their left hand
« on: December 15, 2022, 09:28:36 am »
Some people happen to be leftists right from birth while others are not. LifeXtra here reveals why the use of the left hand receives particular attention amongst Nigerians.

There is something sleek about the left hand. This is mainly because when a leftist uses that hand to write or work there is certain strangeness to the whole activity. It seems one has to turn the head this way and that trying to understand how they (the leftists) do it. The preferred use of the left hand to the right is however not an issue of choice as some children are known to either be born with that preference or grow up with the habit. The left hand is associated with disrespect and bad manners in arguably many (if not all) Nigerian cultures. It is the hand usually used to perform acts that are otherwise irritating to a person: This could be the picking of a dirty object, washing or wiping the backside after defecating. According to Wikipedia, left-handedness refers to those who primarily use their left hand to accomplish things. LifeXtra gathered that although many cultures and traditions in the country may hold the same view that using the left hand shows disrespect and lack of manners, there are certain differences worthy of note.

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